Featured Woman Owned Business-Happy Wednesday Lady

Featured Woman Owned Business

This week we interviewed

Joanie Winberg


“The Happy Wednesday Lady”


Joanie is a Author, Radio Personality, Speaker/Trainer, Business/Personal Coach and Cert. Laughter Leader.


Having been an entrepreneur since the age of 25 (owned and operated a True Value Hardware store for 18 years) allowed me the flexibility to be my own boss as well a Mom for my two small children at the same time. Even after I sold the business, I knew I would always be an entrepreneur and could never work a nine to five job. I loved being a Mom too much and as my children grew, I never wanted to miss a football or a softball game. It was scary starting over.  In order to move forward with a new career, I reflected back as to what I loved about running my own business and what I was happy to leave behind. I knew I enjoyed speaking as I spoke for True Value at several conferences. I knew I loved working with people and the employees, but it wasn’t called coaching back then.  My past experience as a business owner is what has led me to do what I love to do today as a speaker/trainer and a personal/professional coach.

What type of training, experience or education?

I have a degree in Retail Management, and eighteen years of owning my own business.I am a Certified Life Coach, Certified Behavior Specialist and also as a Certified Laughter Leader.

How do you work your business around your schedule?

Now that my children are grown and gone, my life is less hectic with not having to balance all the responsibilities of being a Mom. When my children were younger, I was able to focus on my business when they were in school and then focus on them when they were home. What really helped me over the years was to learn to let go. At times, I would forget the dishes and the laundry in order to play and read with my children. Those precious years are gone. I still have dishes and laundry to do.

How do you build your business?

To build my business, I always have three forms of marketing strategies at the same time. For example, two to three network meetings per month, speaking engagements and the internet.Writing articles is also good, but whatever type of marketing is chosen, staying consistent for a minimum of ninety days is essential.  It takes that long to build momentum.

What is your greatest sales tool?

My greatest sales tool is networking. I enjoy building relationships and supporting other professionals to grow their businesses.

Where do you see the future leading you in your home business?

I enjoy being a speaker, a coach, an author, and a radio personality, yet my true passion is to continue to raise funds through corporate sponsors and grants for the Happy Wednesday Foundation, a non-profit 501 (c) (3). Its mission is to help provide a healthy lifestyle for women, children and families through educational programs and affordable housing.

What advice for other Moms looking to work from home?

My advice for Moms is to make sure you take a minimum of ten minutes every day for yourself to fill your “energy tank” or to “recharge your batteries.” Keep it simple! Maybe just sitting down with a cup of your favorite tea in your favorite chair is enough. By taking care of yourself first, you will be the best you can be for your children, family, business and most importantly yourself.

Joanie Winberg