What Do You Need To Start Your Writing Career?

You’ve made up your mind and you want to be a writer. You know that you need excellent grammar skills, creativity, and a drive to write, but what kind of start-up materials do you need to be a successful writer?

Here are eight key items you should invest in to start a career as a writer.

A computer

A good computer with lots of memory to hold all your writing. Always back up!

Internet access and website/business email

Internet access with a website and an email account is a must for any successful writer these days. With many writing jobs posted online these days, and especially if you want to write articles onlne.

External storage

Flash drives, Cds, and external hard drive would be a good investment to hold articles, novel writing, and photos so they don’t use up storage on your hard drive.

Phone line

Having a way to get a hold of you for writing gigs is essential for successful writers. If you use the same phone line to connect to the Internet, invest in a second line or cell phone.

Basic office supplies

Pens, paper, folders, ink cartridges, calculator, calendar, etc. Once you get started writing, you will know better just how many supplies you will need to run your writing business.

Desk and a really good desk chair

You are going to spend a lot of time in that chair. Make sure it’s comfortable and that your desk is big enough to hold all your supplies without being cramped.

Writing book references

A dictionary, an annual Writer’s Market guide, a good grammar book, and maybe a style manual are helpful books to have on hand.

Writer memberships

It can’t hurt to join a writer’s book club or subscribe to a writer magazine like, Writer’s Digest to keep up on the latest writing news.

Using these tools will help get you closer to fulfilling that dream of being a full-time freelance writer.

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