Welcome to MommysBiz@ Home!mommy2

My name is Tess, and I am the founder of MommysBiz@ Home, which started in 2003 as an online magazine, dedicated to helping women (and men) work at home. My site went through a major re-haul and  just launched this blog to go with it.

Why do I publish a work at home site?


I’m obsessed with anything to do with entrepreneurship. I’ve researched start- ups,  experimented with different businesses, ran several successful businesses, and even wrote several books.

I’ve worked at home for the past thirteen years and I love being an entrepreneur. I believe everyone who wants to work at home, should do it-I’ll be your cheerleader!

So, if you’re visiting my site, then you must be at least thinking about working for yourself. If so, l hope that I can help you achieve that dream!



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