How To Use Pinterest For Traffic: Five Easy Tips

Are you on board with Pinterest yet? I am a true believer in using Pinterest for business. I go to Pinterest all the time for just about anything I need to find, and so do 4 million other people do daily as well. So, how could this not be an important part of your social marketing plan? It takes just a little bit of your time and energy to use this vital marketing tool. 

Add Pinterest to your marketing tools with 7 easy tips:

7408094402_7c2ca9974f—High-Quality Photos

Pinterest is all about the images, so you need to make sure you have quality images to get that traffic. If you  take your own photos, make sure they are in focus and pleasing to the eye. If you are using stock photos, find a great company to use, like, or istock.

—Fill in the Blanks – This takes a little time and many people don’t do this extra step when posting photos.  Fill in Title and/or Alt Text information when uploading images to your blog. You can even add your website URL.

—Timing – You might think that people stalk Pinterest during the day, but there are not as many Daytime Pinners out there. Popular times on Pinterest are Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Market your Pins during these times to best results.

—Use Seasonal Trends – Pinterest is very useful for so many things these days. Holiday gifts, party planning, holiday crafts and recipes are searched on Pinterest now more than Google.  Find a way to use this to grow your following with holiday boards.

—Create content-rich boards  where people come searching for articles on your particular topic.If you have good boards that are followed by people who regularly view and share your pins, you can boost your blog traffic by pinning posts from your own blog. Ahalogy  is one large pinning community that helps grow Pinterest followers and traffic. Make sure you pin other people’s pins as well to keep active in circle.

What Pinterest marketing tips would you add?