Women in Business: It Works!

Welcome to our weekly Women in Business interview. This week’s business owner is Shandi Johnson. She is a mom of 2 boys, 1.5  and 4. She lives in Oakville, Ontario Canada and her business is It Works!



When did you start?

Dec 2012

How many hours and days do you work a week?

Well I LOVE what I do I usually work 7 days a week even if it’s only an hour or two responding to emails and helping customers. Typically I work during naptimes and after my kids are in bed. I probably work about 20hrs a week total.

Do you manage any others? If so, how many?

I have a Team of 25 so far. I don’t “manage” them but I help them also succeed in their businesses and give them the information and tools to do so. When people on my team succeed I do as well.

What do you earn per year?

This is hard to answer because my business is still very new and every month my pay checks increase. I am currently a Diamond Distributor and the average Monthly earnings for Diamond is $1920/month but from my experience many of us earn much more than that!

What did you do before you joined your company? 

I was in the Canadian Military for 2 years serving as an infantry soldier and attended Humber College to become a Police officer. After 2 years I realized that this was not the career that I wanted and I was left feeling lost and unsure where to go or what I wanted to do with my life. I ended up getting into the catering business where I worked very long crazy hours. After I had my children I decided to be a stay at home mom so that I could spend more time with them and also save money on childcare.

How did you discover/decide to join this company?

I discovered It Works back in 2012 when I was looking to find a way to get rid of my stretch marks and my baby belly. I was VERY skeptical when I saw all the before and after photos. I thought there was no way some crazy wrap thing could do what it claimed. I gave it a shot and I bought a box of 4 wraps and I was amazed – No more baby belly and no more stretch marks! I told all of my friends and family and they too saw amazing results.

I then realized I could make money with this company so I signed up as a distributor and it was the best decision I have ever made! I now have an amazing business where I get to work from home, be with my kids and still make a great income. I get to help people every day look and feel younger, be healthier and feel good about themselves.

Have you been able to quit your day job? How?

Well I am a stay at home mom and that is a job that I don’t ever want to quit! But I do know that once my children are older I will not have to worry about going back to work and the 9-5 grind because I will be making more money with my It Works business than I ever would in my previous job.

Would you be willing to share more details on what you make on sales, or average on parties? 

When I do wrap parties I make an average of $300-$400 per party. They are so fun and very easy to do! I make commission on everything my down line (aka my team) sells and I make profit from selling products retail. I also earn $100 bonus on each distributor I sign up that is commission qualified and enrolls two loyal customers within 30 days of enrollment. This is another reason I love this company because there are so many different ways to make money Wrap Rewards, Car Bonuses, Generation Bonus, G.O.O.D. Bonuses and More.

How has this affected your home life, running a business?

I am still able to spend time with my family but now I am bringing in a second income to our home.  We are now able to do much more because we have the financial ability to do so. We have also been able to save for our children’s educations and will be buying our first home this year!

Do your kids, spouse help?

My husband has been one of my biggest supporters in my business I am truly blessed to be married to such an amazing man. My husband works as a full time IT Manager, but he definitely helps me with the business when he can.

Any advice for someone (especially a mom) looking to sign with a direct sales company?

Do your homework! Find a company that sells amazing products that you believe in – if you don’t love what you are selling why would anyone else?  Also make sure you are joining a good team with a great leader that will help you grow your business. Too often people sign up with direct selling companies but then lack support from a team leader and are left lost and unsure of what to do and eventually fail or give up. There are some great direct sales companies out there and you can make an incredible income in this business.

If you have any questions, or interested in joining It Works, you can contact Shandi here:

Shandi Johnson #1583992
Diamond Independent Distributor – It Works