Five Challenges When Running A Home Business

Working for yourself is a wonderful thing. The freedom to be your own boss is exhilarating and comes with many positives, but there are challenges as well.

Here are five challenges  when starting a business from home:

1. It’s all on your shoulders.

When you are an employee, you usually have your duties and other employees run other parts of the business. Running your own business from home means that you are responsible for everything.  Even the mundane tasks cannot be put off for someone else to do. As your business grows, you must be able to rely on yourself to get them done, unless you can afford to pay someone else to do it.

2. Loneliness.

Even though I loved being able to be at home to greet my children when they got home from school, I found myself missing adult contact. Loneliness is a big  complaint from people who work at home. You must prepare yourself for the isolation that a home business brings. Make sure you keep in contact with friends by planning lunch dates, or meet with business clients in person when you are able to to build a social element into your day.

3. Keeping a proper work schedule.

You never really turn it off when you run a business. You don’t have that time clock telling you it’s quiting time, so it’s hard to step away from your work. The more successful your business, the more hours you may need to put in as well.

Try to disconnect yourself from your business by setting some kind of schedule. This doesn’t mean you tell yourself you are going to work 9-5 Monday-Friday. That’s probably not realistic if you want your business to grow. Instead, put in three 16 hour days, then one short day. You may never be on a regular schedule again, but you can avoid one that will burn you out.

3. Maintaining a quiet work place.

Mompreneurs face a big challenge when running a business from home. A mom with small (or even teenagers!) children will have many chances of being interrupted during their work day. Without a boss to scold you for phone calls from the kids or spouse, you may allow too many interruptions.

To eliminate disruptions, set aside periods of quiet time when  throughout the day when you don’t allow phone calls, family problems,  or emails.

4. Letting your business take over your home.

Running a home business saves overhead, but also can be a burden to everyone living there. It’s all too easy to start letting your business take over every room.

Even if you set aside a small area for business supplies. Creating an “office” will set your business apart from your home living. If you must work in the same environment such as using the kitchen table, you can still separate it by packing away office supplies at the end of the day.

On the flip side, make sure it feels like a work environment during the day by  creating an office atmosphere. Put up a divider to separate you from distractions like dirty dishes or television.

5. Setting your goals for the day.

When you run a business, there isn’t a boss telling you what needs to get done that day. You need a goal, or plan for the day to accomplish business tasks to keep your business running smoothly and productively. A day without a plan can get away from you. I’ve been guilty of letting a day or two get away from me when I have access to the Internet and some day dreaming get the best of me.

Purchase a planner and create a schedule that you can stick to-and do it. This will give you deadlines to help complete a task that might get swept under the rug. Always fit some free time in for unexpected issues.