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Candle and Home Fragrance Companies
David Oreck Candle Company

Founded: 2011
Commission: 25%
Downline Commission: 0%
Startup Cost: $99.00

Candle lovers rejoice! As one of the top trusted household brands in the US, David Oreck, has ventured into
direct sales. The David Oreck Candle Company offers a new line of candle products and a new direct sales
business opportunity for interested scent specialists.
Eclipse Candle Company

Founded: 2010
Commission: 30%
Downline Commission: 8%
Startup Cost: $49.00

Eclipse Candle Company is a new direct sales fragrance company specializing in wickless candles and body melts.
Join their exciting ground floor opportunity and earn 30% commissions on your personal sales and up to 8%
commission overrides from your downline representatives.

Clothing & Accessories Companies
Direct Sales Companies

2 Cutie Patooties

Founded: 2011
Commission: 20%
Downline Commission: 10%
Startup Cost: $88.00

2 Cutie Patooties, one of the newest companies in the direct sales industry specializing in embroidered
merchandise, invites all interested consultants to join their team. Join the company and earn 20% commissions on
your personal sales. Represent the company as a direct sales consultant and start your journey towards financial
Damsel In Defense

Founded: 2011
Commission: 30%
Downline Commission: 4%
Startup Cost: $179.00

Whether you are looking for financial or physical security, Damsel in Defense has something for you. Offering a
complete line of self-defense weapons for women, the company's mission is to empower women everywhere not
only by helping them protect themselves against attackers but also by allowing them to start their own direct sales
Dove Chocolate Discoveries

Founded: 2007
Commission: 40%
Downline Commission: 5%
Startup Cost: $159.00

Chocolate lovers everywhere have found a new home in Dove Chocolate Discoveries. Whether as a source of
ready-to-eat chocolate treats, baking ingredients and supplies, or even tea and smoothie beverages, Dove
offers sweet treats to satisfy every chocolate craving. They also offer a profitable business opportunity for
those who want to make a living out of their love for chocolates.
Do You Bake?

Founded: 2010
Commission: 35%
Downline Commission: 12%
Startup Cost: $35.00

Great meals made easy--- this is what Do You Bake aims to achieve with their delicious recipes and mixes.
Whether you are looking for delectable but healthy food recipes to serve your family or to earn some extra
money by selling food products that everyone will enjoy, Do You Bake certainly has what you need.

Founded: 2010
Commission: 30%
Downline Commission: 4%
Startup Cost: $199.00

3000BC offers a new line of skincare products specialized to suit the different needs of women. Through
their special Skinscope diagnostic tool, you never have to worry about how to best take care of your skin's
needs. In addition, 3000BC also offers a business opportunity with unlimited income potential and fast
career growth
Cosmetics & Skin Care Companies
Jamberry Nails

Founded: 2011
Commission: 30%
Downline Commission: 19%
Startup Cost: $99.00

Jamberry Nails offers a revolutionary product that every woman will surely love and enjoy. With Jamberry
Nails, independent consultants can expect to earn 30% commissions on retail sales in a party plan format.
Earn an attractive income while partying with Jamberry hostesses with this new ground floor opportunity in
direct sales.

Jewelry Companies

Hobbies & Crafts Companies

Founded: 2011
Commission: 37%
Downline Commission: 9%
Startup Cost: $199.00

Offering a wide-selection of one-of-a-kind customized charm jewelry, Bcharmed is quickly finding its place in
the direct sales industry. Charm your way into the hearts of your customers and earn as much as 32% in retail
commissions by becoming a personal stylist for Bcharmed.

Chloe and Isabel

Founded: 2011
Commission: 30%
Downline Commission: 12%
Startup Cost: $175.00

Chloe + Isabel is a new direct sales Jewelry company launched on May 2011. Offering high-end jewelry
pieces in a modern-day business distribution strategy, Chloe + Isabel effectively integrates traditional direct
selling with e-commerce solutions. Earn 30% commissions on personal sales and up to 12% sponsorship
commissions when you become a merchandiser for one of most fashionable companies to have joined the
direct sales industry.
A to Z Expressions

Founded: 2012
Commission: 40%
Downline Commission: 0%
Startup Cost: $450.00

A to Z Expressions is a ground floor Direct Sales Opportunity offering independent consultants the
opportunity to start their own home based business selling decorative letter art photography.
Direct Sales Companies Continued