Nine Business Ideas Under $500 To Start

Start one of these for under $500!

Make and Sell a Food Product
Do your friends and family rave about your special dessert or bread and always ask you to
make it?
Investigate your local health officials to see if you can produce it at home. This may require a food handlers license. This could be very profitable!

Start an Online Art Gallery
Contact artists in your community and scan photos of their artwork onto your computer. List on auction websites or make your own site and sell them yourself. Charge a percentage of what they make. (You can also charge for advertising on your site for more money)

Launch a Travel Service
Do you know alot about the world? Are you an expert on the hot spots? The best route to get there? Start a website on travel and sell ads to airlines, travel bookstores, luggage companies, etc. This one sounds fun!

Start an Online Catalog
Contact local companies in your area and sell what they have. You could even help schools or churches sell their fundraisers.Charge a fee for a specified amount of time(yearly, monthly, etc)

Collectibles, collectibles. Everyone has them. Set up a web business informing visitors about trade shows, books, other sites, shops and centers that deal with collectibles.

Teach Online
What do you know alot about? Could you teach that to someone? A whole group of people? If the answer is yes, then get a course going and advertise on your own site or others.


Online Auctions
Going, going, gone… The excitement of seeing your just-sitting-around-in-the-attic-collecting-dust- item go for a nice price. go through your junk, clean it up, and put it on Ebay!

Become a Web Developer
Do you get a lot of compliments on your website? Do you Know that Frontpage is not the first page of a book?(a little humor there) Dip your talented fingers into this one. Believe it or not, there are lots of pople and businesses that dont know how to make an acceptable website for their customers. This one has BIG money potential.

 Design the Logo
Believe it or not, logos for businesses is booming and you can charge alot for this one. Take a course in graphic designs-it’s worth it! Heck, one company I talked to charges $250 for one logo!